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Keeping Our Refrigeration and HVAC Techs Current with Safety and Training Standards

At Climatic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. of West Melbourne, Florida, we're committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and our customers. Please take a few minutes to learn about the training our HVAC and refrigeration specialists receive.

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Our Workplace Safety Program

We are engaged in an intensive workplace safety program. Weekly safety meeting are held at our job sites and at our office and manufacturing facility . We discuss a wide array of topics covering the daily safety concerns that we  are confronted with on a daily basis in the performance of our job duties as refrigeration and HVAC technicians.

This extensive program has been successful in reducing the frequency of accidents leading to work days lost by our staff. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has been consistently in the .88 to .95 range over recent years, a rate that is below most of our competitors. Our excellent safety record also makes discounts and year-end bonus rebates available to our company.

Our lead supervisors are all certified participants in the American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED for the Workplace program. They are re-certified annually under this program. Our employees are licensed to operate powder-actuated tools. All of our lead supervisors are licensed to operate forklifts, telescoping boom lifts, and aerial lifts.

In-House Training

We hold regular training and educational seminars for our employees to keep them up-to-date and prepared in this ever-changing industry. From the latest high-efficiency residential products to the most advanced energy management software, we ensure that our employees will always have the tools and knowledge necessary to conquer every task.

North American Technician Excellence Training

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the nationwide certification program for HVACR technicians working in the residential and light commercial market. Supported by the entire industry across all levels—contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors, educators, engineers, and technicians themselves—NATE is a voluntary program designed to recognize truly excellent and capable HVACR professionals. We support and encourage all of our technicians to become NATE-certified.